DIY Home Extensions Product Guide

Smart Kits Australia can supply to your front door a complete, pre-engineered, DIY Home Extensions Kit for Patios, Carports, Flyover Roofs, Gazebos and Decks ready to install. We supply all the engineering, hardware, council approval documentation and advice you need to build your very own outdoor lifestyle.

Our DIY SmartKit can save you money and grief. Why spend 20 times the price on unreliable and unproven builders when you can have our DIY Home Extension system delivered to your home and ready to install.

The Smart Kits DIY Home Extensions advantage….

  • Pre-engineered and designed for Australian conditions.
  • Full engineering details and instructions to build it yourself.
  • Peace of mind knowing your materials are 100% Australian made. Enjoy outdoor living all year round with our custom designed patios, decks and gazebos. Or add a carport to your home to protect your car, boat, ute etc.

Whichever DIY Extensions or structure you want to add to your home, we can create the ideal solution for you. Just choose the style you want, or leave it up to us.

DIY Home Extensions Designs and Styles

  1. Skillion roof
    Choose a classic and affordable skillion roof that can be easily customised to fit your existing home. The skillion is ideal for Patios, Carports and Roof-above-decks. This means you can easily put it up as a free-standing structure or as an attached extension to your home.
    We have a wide-range of roofing profiles that fit every budget. All our roofing profile are Double-Sided, Hi-Gloss finish and are guaranteed to be visually appealing!
  2. Pitched roof
    Our pitched roof designs give you an attractive addition to your home with the advantage of the extra height giving you a roomy, spacious feel. Using our design software, your pitched roof extension can be customised to fit seamlessly onto your home.
    The enormous range of possibilities with a pitched design means that you can go for the traditional Gable End, a stylish Hip design or the distinctive Dutch Gable look.
  3. Flyover Roof
    Nothing says modern like a flyover roof design. Gaining height and ventilation for maximum wow factor and practical functionality. These roofs are ideal for low-set houses, L-shaped houses etc and to go above a high-set deck.
    Our Flyover design is engineered and approved by BlueScope and is suitable for all Wind conditions in Australia!
  4. Decks
    Our deck frames are the perfect way to extend your home and add an entertainment or dining area. With a wide variety of heights, we can supply both Ground Level Decks and High-Set Decks.
    All deck kits are perfectly suitable for water-proofing and adding your choice of decking material- timber, tiles etc!
    All our roofs can be customised to attach onto our deck kits. These kits are also suitable for Balustrading.

Smart means easy
Our easy to use system of Smart Parts means that all of the thinking has been done before we send the kit to you. Our unique brackets, connectors and prefabricated sections mean that you don’t have to measure or cut. Just follow our Smart Construction Guide to step you through the process and before you know it, you will be the proud owner and builder of your own professionally designed extension.

Smart means strong and durable
The strong and durable components of your Smart Kit DIY extensions or free-standing structures offer you the very best in Aussie engineering. Designed for Australian conditions by licensed, experienced builders using Australian steel, you can trust the strength, integrity and engineering behind every Smart Kit structure.

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