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Building Approvals – Victoria.

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1x Standard Building Approval for a SmartKit Class 10A, Open Patio, Carport or Deck in Victoria- available in all major cities and towns across the state! 

Cost of the works can not exceed $16,000.00 Inc GST (above this, a Owner Builder Certificate is required). 

Includes upto 2x Inspection on completion by Building Surveyor or similar authorized person. Also includes 1x drafted site plan showing your property, set backs and location of proposed structure.

SmartKits will advise you about stage inspections as the approval progresses. 

Please note- no other permits such as a Report and Consent, Planning Permit, Building Appeals Board Application or Build Over Sewer permits are included in this price. We can only advise you if any of these are needed/involved in your project after the initial plans are lodged and a preliminary assessment is completed by the Building Certifier.

We highly recommend contacting your local council to find out set back rules, planning permit etc before-hand.  We will always do our best to advise you of the total cost for the approval as early as possible, however, it is prudent to budget some extra due to the growing bureaucracy in your state. 

A note on Planning Permits- your local council will be able to advice you if a Planning Permit is needed for your project. This will need to be lodged directly with council and therefore, must be provided to SmartKits before lodgement of your Building Approval. Should you be advised that a Planning Permit is NOT needed for your project, you will need to obtain this in writing from your council before we can lodge the Building Approval.