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Why Choose Smartkits?

Smartkits is a national provider of DIY Home Improvement solutions. If you are looking for the smartest way to add an extension, pergola or carport to your home and want some good old Aussie know-how, Smartkits Australia is the answer. We have been in business since 2012 and over the last 5 years, have expanded from Brisbane to Australia-wide, constantly improving our processes, product range and bank of construction knowledge.

Home ownership is a major achievement in everyone’s life and is something to be extremely proud of. Your home is your biggest asset and one of the ways to ensure it appreciates in value is through an extension or renovation project.

We know your house and your block is different to any other, so our DIY Home Improvement kits are custom designed and made to fit your exact needs. Once you send us the specifications, we quote, design and manufacture the kit precisely to your specifications, then send it to you.

Our steel kits are all pre-fabricated, so there is minimal cutting for you to do. We have simplified the assembly and installation of these kits as much as possible to allow people with minimal building experience to easily install them! Our construction guides are detailed and divided into small steps that are easy to understand and visualize. We provide all supporting engineering and documentation for every kit that you can directly take to your council or a private certifier.

We deal directly with Australian steel manufacturers, so there is no middleman. This helps keep your costs low without sacrificing the quality of our products. In an industry that is increasingly compromising on quality by using imported steel from China and South Korea and using deceptive advertising campaigns to cover up for this, we pride ourselves in using nothing but 100% Australian made COLORBOND Steel. Every component in your SmartKit is made and assembled in Australia.

We work closely with our suppliers and test our kits in the harshest of conditions to ensure their durability and strength. We also consult with engineers and certifiers to ensure that the solutions we come up with are well within regulatory standards and requirements. Through constant R&D and improvement, SmartKits is now at the pinnacle of DIY Home Improvement Solutions.

All our kits are backed by a solid warranty from BlueScope, Australia’s largest Steel manufacturer.

Our after sales support is second to none. All our customers have a direct line to us after purchase. If you need some extra advice when putting up your structure. Our team of friendly and experienced builders can quickly answer any of your questions.

We understand that Home Improvement is a big decision and that you probably want to look at all options before you buy. We understand this and thought you might like to know what makes us different.

  • We are a licensed Australian Home Improvement building company in Brisbane, using the same products that we send you. Our building company have used these products for over 10 years.
  • We understand Australian conditions and lifestyles, so our structures are designed to fit the Aussie way of life.
  • We deliver all-across Australia. We have suppliers in each state which allows us to customise these kits according to the building requirements as needed. This also ensures that your kit doesn’t travel inter-state, thereby minimising freight costs as well.
  • All of our kits structures are designed to resist cyclonic conditions, so are ideal for Queensland and the Northern Territory.If you live in Southeast Queensland, we offer a measure and quote service plus onsite instruction on how to build your structure. (Extra-charges apply).
  • Our design software is extremely advanced and constantly updated and improved. This allows us to provide you with detailed drawings, a full list of components, 3D images and much more. All our designs are thoroughly checked for structural and compliance requirements.
  • Each design comes certified and signed off by our engineer, so you can take the relevant paperwork and plans straight to council for approval.
  • We offer after sales support Australia wide, so if you need any assistance, we are just a phone call away.
  • Our huge bank of building knowledge is passed onto you free with every kit sold, so that means we show you all the smart tricks and tips that builders use.
  • We are committed to making it easy for you, by helping you do it the smart way, not the hard way.
  • We buy only Australian steel so we support Aussie jobs AND ensure the best quality product for you.
  • All of our home improvement kit products come with full material warranties backed up by BlueScope Steel- Australia’s largest Steel manufacturer.
  • Even with all of the advantages we offer, we are still very competitively priced because we buy direct from the steel manufacturer and pass the savings onto you.
  • Pre-fabricated steel buildings are what we do best. However, we understand that a little help can go a long way. At SmartKits, we are here for you.
  • We have the best steel packaging and delivery system in Australia. All materials are delivered in well-maintained trucks, can be dropped off inside your property (depending on site access for the truck) and are packed to ensure no damage or loss during transit.

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