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Smartkits About Us

We are Australia's most trusted D.I.Y Home Improvements Store! 

Proudly supplying Genuine, 100% Australian Made COLORBOND Steel to every part of this awesome country of ours! 

Patios, Pergolas, Carports, Flyover Roofs, Decks, Insulated Roofing. 


With a network of 18 consolidation centres all across AUSTRALIA, your SMARTKIT is consolidated locally and shipped straight to you at incredibly low freight costs and super fast lead times. In fact, with most metro regions, we are able to guarantee a 21 working day lead time on most kits. 

We are a building company at heart and have been installing the same products that we supply you with for over 20 years!

From humble beginnings we have evolved into a national business, covering every corner of this vast, beautiful country. We proudly stand by our name and reputation as a recommended supplier and installer of genuine COLORBOND products.

Our SMARTKITS are designed with the everyday D.I.Y'er in mind. The goal has always been to make the install process as simple and enjoyable as possible. To make this happen, we send you a 95% pre-fabricated kit. All connectors, corners, edge flashings, brackets etc are folded, fabricated and powder-coated before being sent to you. There is absolutely no welding or fabrication required on-site and only a minimum amount of cutting. Smartkits are also pre-punched so little to no drilling is required. This is a HUGE time saver!

We also supply all necessary hardware- every nut, screw, bolt and pop-rivet required to comply with engineering and build the structure in the kit. No trips to hardware stores are required while installing! You won't be wasting any valuable time or compromising the quality of your structure! 

Our genuine COLORBOND steel SMARTKITS are also designed to be highly flexible. No two homes are exactly the same and we understand that a few challenges might pop-up once you start installing. Suppose you dig for a footing and find a pipe or remove a few tiles and find an unexpected framing set up in the house? You can easily move the location of all posts, beams, brackets etc from what's shown on the plan (as long as it is within engineering limits) to make it work on-site. 

Australian Made Steel Lysaght Steel Colorbond Steel 


SMART building systems creating versatile on site solutions. 

We always supply you with a little extra than what's needed. So if your measurements are out by a few hundred millimetres or you decide to make the structure a little longer/higher etc, you've got some extra materials to do so. 

Our installation guides and engineering are market-leading, developed by experienced builders with many years of knowledge. We routinely update these, add tips and tricks that will assist you and save you time and ensure they are up to National Building Codes and Standards. 

Our design software is extremely advanced and constantly updated and improved. This allows us to provide you with detailed drawings, a full list of components, 3D images and much more. All our designs are thoroughly checked for structural and compliance requirements. 

We have the best steel packaging and delivery system in Australia. All materials are delivered in well-maintained trucks, can be dropped off inside your property (depending on site access for the truck) and are packed to ensure no damage or loss during transit.


Smartkits Team Photo 2022
The Smartkits Team, July 2022 with Aimee Stanton (The Lady Tradie) and Keith ( The Blockinator) at the "I Built It Smarter With Smartkits" Photo Competition Live Stream.