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Nothing says quality outdoor lifestyle like a Backyard Poolsode Pergola or Pool Pavilion from SmartKits Australia. Plus, it’s the perfect way to complement your existing swimming pool area.

Quality free-standing Poolside Pergolas can come in a variety of different configurations depending on the style of your home and what you are trying to achieve. Quite often modern looks are preferred however traditional gable style pool pavilion roofs are also very popular. 

Over the years we have provided hundreds of varied sizes and shapes in pool pavilions to every part of the country, considering the area's engineering requirements and the client's skill set to either self-erect or contract out the building work.

Your new Pool Pavilion ideas will often start with taking into consideration the space you have available and how you want to use the area. A well-designed pool Shelter adds to the usability and liveability of the pool area. Especially in the hot summers, we experience in Australia.

Pool pavilions have been commonly provided as a standard skillion free-standing patio design that our very clever and talented clients have used in swimming pool areas to create a functional swimming pool gazebo or pavilion.

There are no set rules for a design – this comes down to your personal choice but when we look at the majority of the modern style pool gazebo ideas we have seen they are usually a square or rectangular shape.

Most backyards (even if the pool is an odd shape) can accommodate a free-standing pool pavilion in a modern and impressive-looking configuration supplied by SmartKits Australia. Our range is designed for easy installation and for the addition of other accessories such as fans and downlights.

 When thinking about the design for your own space consider some of the following

  • What will fit? Take a tape measure and mark out the area. Use some pegs to create a shape. Even a garden hose will do!
  • Consider a modern pool pavilion ( rectangular skillion or flat style roof) or a traditional gable (pitched) roof style.
  • Look in popular outdoor magazines that feature pool pavilion or gazebo ideas.
  • What do your friends have?
  • Look at your existing patio area and get a feel for size and height – these are important considerations.
  • Speak to 1 of our experienced design team members to assist with your project.

 At SmartKits – we can imagine the joy you will feel sitting under your very own private pool cabana, staring up lovingly at the 100% Australian-made COLORBOND steel poolside pergola you have built and enjoying your favourite cold beverage. The water shimmers from your beautiful sparkling swimming pool. SmartKits makes these dreams a reality and we are a nationally recognised supplier of Pool Pavilions for all locations. We are also qualified licensed pavilion builders with a history back to 2009.