Collection: Non-Insulated Flyover Roof Patios

The Best D.I.Y FLYOVER System in the WORLD!
With Two attractive Roofing Profiles to choose from!

This simple and economical design helps overcome a number of challenges that you may face when it comes to adding outdoor space to your home.

The Flyover design allows the new roof to sit above the existing house roof,  generally attaching at the structural point in the house walls- this is the strongest part of the house and is perfect for the attachment of the new roof. As the roof sits above the house roof line and overlaps it, you achieve fantastic height, more ventilation and light as well as a good water-resistant seal against the house.

The increased height and ventilation mean the area will be cooler and much more usable. You can also add skylights/clear sheets that match the profile of your choice of roofing sheets!

All of our roof options come with genuine COLORBOND® steel finishes and feature the famous 20-year COLORBOND® warranty. Thermatech® coating technology optimises the solar reflective properties of COLORBOND® Roofing. With our advanced engineering options will give you the best FLYOVER roof for your home. 


Your Flyover Roof SmartKit also comes with all the necessary hardware and required materials to build the structure, down to the last rivet.