Ordering Smartkits

How To Order Your SmartkitsaSmartkits Ordering System

You can purchase any one of the hundreds of SMARTKITS listed on the website directly! We accept payments by both credit/debit cards or bank transfers. On the check-out page, there is a 'Notes' section, please use this section to give us any information you feel is essential. 

You can LOCK IN YOUR ORDER with a 50% Deposit on all kits (not applicable to any services we offer) Today.  Balance of payment is due at least 7 days before delivery of your new kit.

Every single order placed will first be verified by an experienced builder from our team. The design consultant will contact you and run through the design, your colour selection etc and also finer details such as post attachments, brackets locations etc. We will accommodate any and all changes required. If a significant number of changes have been made (and if these changes have increased/decreased the cost of your kit), the design consultant will prepare a fresh invoice or credit for you. 

Smartkits Ordering Process

Rest assured we are the masters of double checking and will not let any order proceed without it first being scrutinised for accuracy and compatibility with your home. 

We believe in the 'Check Twice, Cut Once' philosophy, so no SMARTKIT will be put into production before a builder speaks to you! 3-4 days after we put your SMARTKIT into production, we will email you a delivery date for your kit and also send you all supporting engineering, drawings, certificates, material list and install guides and a COLORBOND warranty certificate. 

Customisation, questions and changes.

If you'd like to speak to us before purchasing a kit, please feel free to contact us! Any plans, drawings and/or photos of your house will help us greatly in answering your questions.  

We offer a wide range of customisation in all our SMARTKITS- sizes, shapes, colours, skylights/clear-sheets (for both Non-Insulated Roofing and Insulated Panels), timber-look posts, LED down-light kits and fan brackets, higher wind rating etc etc. Our design consultants will be able to prepare an accurate design and full written quote for your project! 

Engineering and documentation for approvals. 

All our kits are fully engineered and council compliant. All required plans, drawings and certificates are included in your purchase. If you'd like to sort out your approvals prior to purchasing the kit, we can release this set of documents for a fee. This deposit will be reduced from the final price when you proceed with the order! 

We will also be able to take care of the approvals on your behalf, just ask us for a quote (NSW, VIC and QLD Only).

* Pro tip- Speak to a SMARTKITS Design Consultant first before getting your Building approvals lodged. We can steer you in the right direction to simplify the process or even arrange this for you in certain areas.