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SmartKits- Engineering Deposit.

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SmartKits- Engineering Deposit.
We are committed to providing complete, up to date engineered solutions for your Home Improvement Project that comply with all Building Code requirements. 
We can provide a full package of supporting engineering documentation and certificates that are required for a Building Approval, prior to purchasing the full kit. This engineering package is already included in the cost of the kit and therefore this deposit will be reduced from the balance due when you go ahead with your order. 
Included in the Engineering Deposit are-
  • Relevant Certificate signed by an Engineer for your structure in your state. (Form 15 in QLD, Reg 126 Cert in VIC and Form 88 in SA). 
  • Engineering drawings and assessment of the structural members of your structure.
  • Roof/Floor Plan and Wind Rating assessment for your property.

If you are lodging your own Building Approvals, you may also require a site plan of the property- this is a document showing your property, block size/lot number, location and area of the new structure and setback from boundaries. In most cases, this is a simple hand-drawn document on a A3 paper. Your design consultant will be able to talk you through this. 

Should a hand drawn one not be acceptable to your relevant assessing authority,  SmartKits can arrange one for you (extra costs apply) under our Smartkits Site Plan listing in the “Frequently Bought” category. 

We have absolutely no control over which project or council is likely to ask for this, these rules vary from job to job, council to council and sometimes, even from one accessor to the other within the same council. 


Jackie M

Non-Insulated Flyover Roof with our Modern, Corrugated Finish roofing

I have been watching all of these beautiful structures going up and I thought I would submit some of my beautiful, Non-Insulated Flyover Roof, that’s been 18 years in the planning stage!Due to being an inventive person and looking outside the normal company’s and money availability, I did a lot of research. We had so many quotes for over priced pergolas!Today myself and my husband are happy to show off the lovely, family oriented area we now have. Thanks to Scott and the team at SmartKits Australia for the help and support they gave me in me doing this as a woman!

Anthony & Jayne

Non-Insulated Flyover Roof with our Premium, Flat Underside finish roofing

We chose SmartKits for our Flyover Roof as they were the most competitively priced and were so easy to deal with over the phone and by email. Loved the simplicity and the ability to DIY for those on a budget!The delivery time was super quick and everything was supplied in the kit, right down to the tube of silicone! We love the sleek look of our Flyover and it was the finishing touch we were looking for to complete our new garage.Now we have a cool place to sit in the shade during the summer arvo's, and a place to keep the kid's toys dry when it rains. Thanks SmartKits, we couldn't be happier

Michelle M

Skillion, Insulated Freestanding Patio complete with our Smartascreen privacy screen!

Our SmartKit Freestanding Insulated Patio kit has been the framework for our pool gazebo. We love the quality of the materials, love that it is all Australian products, the ease of construction and the value for money. Thank you to the wonderful friendly and helpful staff!My dad and husband have spent many weekends putting the pool gazebo together as we started with a blank canvas. It is nearly complete with just the floor tiling to go. We can’t wait for summer, to get endless hours of use. We love our SmartKit!