Collection: Insulated Flyover Roofs

The Best D.I.Y Flyover Roof Patio System in Australia.

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The Insulated Flyover Roof is one of our most popular SmartKit options. This simple and economical design helps overcome a number of challenges that you may face when it comes to adding comfortable outdoor space to your home. It's a relatively new style of Patio or Pergola roof but has taken the home renovation market by storm recently.

The Flyover design allows the new roof to sit above the existing house roof,  generally attaching at the structural point in the house walls- this is the strongest part of the house and is perfect for the attachment of the new roof. As the roof sits above the house roof line and overlaps it, you achieve fantastic height, more ventilation and light as well as a good water-resistant seal against the house.

The increased height and ventilation mean the area will be cooler and much more usable. 

With Panel thicknesses from 50mm all the way to 125mm, our Insulated Flyover Roofs are capable of impressive, long spans without any intermediate beams or posts! You can even fit a fan underneath and install LED down-lights in the panels! 

More Bang for Buck is the SMARTER way to build. This design is so popular, that we have enquiries coming in from Ireland, the USA and New Zealand for them!

If you can't configure a suitable kit from the options here, feel free to get in touch and one of our design team will show you how one of these patio roofs will look with your existing home via our new S.M.A.R.T 3D Technology!