2023 I Built It Smarter Competition Winners

2023 I Built It Smarter Competition Winners

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With a whopping $100,000 prize pool up for grabs, Thanks to Bluescope Lysaght, the 2023 'I Built It Smarter' competition has become Australia's hottest DIY renovation showdown. We've come a long way since 2020 when we awarded $2,000 as the first prize. In 2021, it grew to $5,000, and last year, in 2022, our first prize hit a massive $25,000 - truly life-changing!
Meet Aimee Stanton, also known as the 'Lady Tradie.' A mechanical plumber turned tiny house builder, presenter, and public speaker, she's a passionate advocate for women in the trades. Aimee's bubbly personality and extensive building knowledge brought a fantastic dynamic to our live stream.

 NOW. Onto the winners.

We had TWO third place winners, each taking home $5,000 each.

Entry #126

Lemeeka from Mansfield in Victoria
Large Insulated Flyover Roof. Kit value $27,054 (as of September 2023) 

Entry #103

Ricky from Karalee in QLD.
Large double free standing insulated patio. Kit value $17,600 (as at September 2023)


Our second place winner who took a prize of $10,000

Entry# 125

Jim from Wherrol Flat, NSW
Large custom designed Steel Deck Frame. Kit Value Approx $26,000 (as of September 2023)


Our lucky 1st place winners with a prize of $50,000 were

Entry # 123

Daniel from Camira, Qld.
Daniel has utilised two large insulated panel patio roofs, to cover in a large open space between arches at his early 70's built property. The Kits have a value of around $31,000 at the time of writing. 

 We had over 130 entrants and 7958 votes. Thank you to everyone who supported us during our fundraiser. This live feed video is a great showcase of our best entrants and a heap of prizes. Hosted by owner Scott and Aimee.

If you would like to watch the whole live stream prize giveaway, showcasing many more DIY projects completed by Smartkits customers - click the link below. 


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