Collection: High-Set Deck Frames- Up to 2.4m above ground

Combining a SmartKits deck with a SmartKits Roof is a ready-made Home Improvement solution made from 100% genuine COLORBOND steel. Australian made!  
PLEASE NOTE:- To comply with new building regulations, all Deck frames must be independently posted and NOT attached to the house fascia. Many of the images we use are of attached deck frames, and these are NOT available to purchase anymore. Images are only for look and feel purposes. 
Imagine this, as Australian as it gets, sitting on your new SmartKits steel Deck enjoying a cold drink. Our steel frame decks make this an affordable reality in a simple cost effective pre-engineered option. With specially engineered brackets and attachments, this new generation of steel frame decks makes this the perfect D.I.Y project.
100% Genuine, Australian-made Steel for longevity and peace of mind!
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