Collection: Freestanding, Flat Patio Roofs.

The VERY best D.I.Y Patio System in AUSTRALIA!
With 3 Amazing roofing profiles to choose from.

These are the simplest and most cost-effective ways to add more space to your home. Designed with a minimum of 2-3 degrees in slope.

The great thing about a Flat Roof design is the versatility of being able to use different roofing options in many different applications. This means we can keep the price down, the style up and the options are limitless. 

All of our roof options come with genuine COLORBOND® steel finishes and feature the famous 20-year COLORBOND® warranty. 
These patio roofs can also make a great Freestanding pavilion around the pool. 
Choosing our Insulated Roofing option will give you all-year usage and the ability to install some of our energy-efficient and building code-compliant downlights for an attractive high-end finish. 
Our Non-Insulated Roofing Options are made from COLORBOND® steel.  COLORBOND- Thermatech® technology helps your roof and your building stay cooler by reflecting more of the sun's heat away from the structure. When heat is reflected away from your building, air-conditioning has an easier job keeping your building cool. Using less energy to cool your building can help YOU save money on energy costs as well as potentially reduce emissions from electricity generation.