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Smartkits Product Guides

D.I.Y Home Improvements- Designs and Styles

Skillion Patio Roof-  Otherwise known as a flat roof patio. Meaning it has very little fall or angle. Often around 2 degrees or 30mm in the metre. This is a classic and affordable Roof design that can be easily customised to fit your existing home. This design is ideal for Patios, Carports and Roof above decks. You can easily put it up as a free-standing structure or as an attached extension to your home. We have a wide-range of roofing profiles (including Insulated Roofing) that fits every budget. All our roofing profile are Double-Sided, Hi-Gloss Finish and are guaranteed to be visually appealing! 


Pitched roof Patios or Carports - Our pitched roof designs designs give you an attractive addition to your home with the advantage of the extra height giving you a roomy, spacious feel. Using our design software, your pitched roof extension can be customised to fit seamlessly onto your home.

The enormous range of possibilities with a pitched design means that you can go for the traditional Gable End, a stylish hip design or the distinctive Dutch Gable look.

All our pitched roofs are set at a 22.5 degree pitch (can be changed from 20 to 25 degrees on-site). Unlike sheds (which use purlins and have exposed edges), our pitched roofs are made with full box beams and come with all end-capping and connectors! 

Flyover Roof Patios- Nothing says modern like a flyover roof design, especially an insulated patio roof. Gaining height and ventilation for maximum wow factor and practical functionality. These roofs are ideal for low-set houses, L-shaped houses etc and to go above a high-set deck.

Our Flyover Roof system is the best in the market, engineered and approved by BlueScope and is suitable for all Wind conditions in Australia! They are suitable for houses with both tile and metal roofing.

* Pro tip 1- Measuring your Flyover Roof- Brackets for this roof have to attach to your top-plate (or wall plate). This is usually 200mm behind where the wall of your house starts. So for instance, if your projection from the wall to where the roof must end is 3.8m, you will need a 4m projection on the roof kit to get back onto the top plate. *

*Pro tip 2- We recommend measuring from your wall to where the flyover roof ends and adding a extra 500mm to this measurement to create a much better looking structure and allowing for some extra protection during rains etc*

Decks- Our deck frames are the perfect way to extend your home and add an entertainment or dining area. All deck kits are perfectly suitable for water-proofing and work with a wide range of decking options- timber, tiles etc! They are also suitable for your choice of balustrades- from steel to glass. We can also supply a 1m x 1m landing for stairs if you plan to incorporate one into your deck design. 

With a wide variety of heights, we can supply both ground level decks and high-set decks. A Ground-Level Deck generally has a finish height of less that 1m. Most councils in Australia will classify these as a landscape structure and therefore, you won't be required to get an approval for them.   

A High-Set Deck has a height of more than 1m and upto 3m. These are classified as a 'Class 1, Habitable Dwelling Structure'. They require all the posts to go into concrete footings. **With changes to the National Construction Codes (N.C.C) on 1st July, 2019, all High-Set Decks now require posts to run up against the house wall to provide additional support to the structure. Our designs and engineering has been updated to comply with this rule** 


Gazebos - We supply an excellent range of free standing 6 or 8 sided GAZEBOS  in widths up to 8000mm. The SMARTKITS  are pre fabricated and come with a full set of installation instructions, engineering and supporting documentation. 

Our standard roof pitch is 22.5 degress. As opposed to a timber Bali hut these structures will never rot, fade, twist, split of fall apart and feature a full COLORBOND warranty. 

A SMARTKIT GAZEBO will compliment any pool or outdoor entertaining area and come in a full suite of genuine COLORBOND colours and finishes. 

Further Resources - You can find a massive range of SMARTKITS videos on our YouTube Channel showcasing our products and easy INSTALLATION guides. 

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