Collection: Gazebos- 6-sided and 8-sided.

We love supplying free-standing 6 or 8-sided Gazebo kits anywhere in AUSTRALIA!

These stunning, fully engineered structures provide a complete outdoor experience and come in 6 or 8-sided options. 

Our SmartKits Gazebos are 100% Genuine COLORBOND® steel, and come complete with all screws, fixings and hardware as well as step-by-step installation guides and that famous 20-Year Warranty from BlueScope Steel.

These kits can be built on the ground and lifted into place or pitched in the air. They make a great addition to a maintenance-free outdoor area that will last 10 times longer than a Bali hut and are a heck of a lot easier to build.  

With 22.5-degree roof angles, coloured internal beams and posts as well as guttering, down-pipes, brackets and all hardware this SmartKits lands at your home ready to erect.

Our pre-fabricated and pre-folded parts, brackets and connectors make assembly straightforward, if you decide to D.I.Y or engage a local builder our Gazebo SmartKits will serve you faithfully for many years.

We also offer a massive range of sizes to suit all applications. All designs are fully customizable so you can achieve your exact end result.
Create your perfect outdoor entertaining area with timeless class and style.