Another happy Smartkits customer - 2022

Another happy Smartkits customer - 2022

Nicola is from Ascot Vale in Victoria, and he recently finished his home renovation with one of our attached flat roof insulated patio kits. He was kind enough to send in some photos and a writeup on his experience with Smartkits. 

Hi guys,

After almost one year, the renovation of our backyard is finished and the Smartkits patio played a big role in improving the appearance of it.

I would like to thank you all for the great assistance you gave me throughout the whole process.

Nicolas Smartkits patio Build photo 1

Drew (Design team and Sales), your help in understanding my needs and your availability to always have a chat were gold to me. I was completely new to this and since day one you allowed me to understand in the best way what needed to be done, what I could and, more importantly, what I wanted to do. I've bombarded you with questions and you answered all of them patiently!

Toni (Office admin and Building Permits) , your assistance with the building permit was great! You took away from me all the stress that comes with these things, that are a nightmare for most people. 

Nicola Smartrkits Build Photo 2

Mick (Our licensed builder), you always answered my many questions with great precision and details. Thanks to that, I went through the building process much more smoothly than I could ever think. Your tips avoided me more than one headache.

Jodie (Logistics and Delivery) , your patience and help with the various deliveries (and the problems that came with them) was very much appreciated. Your kindness and calm were great!

Nicola Smartkits Build Photo 3

I'd like to show you a few pictures of the final result.

This might not be a big job for your standards but I'm very satisfied with the result!

Nicola Smartkitsa Photo Build number 4

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