Smartkits Decking Kits - Why Ours Are The Best Around

Smartkits Decking Kits - Why Ours Are The Best Around

Smartkits DIY Deck Kits

A quality deck with a cool shady roof is a timeless addition to any home and Australians have certainly mastered the lifestyle and building magic behind a deck and roof combination.

Decks are straight forward structures – they can be as complicated as an any engineered building, or they can be a DIY deck solution that comes in a deck kit form. Decking kits in a pre-fabricated configuration have been the more modern way of installing and adding deck space to modern and traditional homes for some years now.

SmartKits Australia have perfected the complete DIY deck solution in steel frame members for fast and easy installation. These also comply with all relevant Australian Building Code requirements as well as being suitable for all wind and terrain regions.

The system is proving extremely popular with conventional renovation builders  as a substitute for traditional timber joist or LVL (laminated veneer lumber) floor systems due to availability and price per square metre. Steel Deck systems, Smart floor systems and modular decking kits can be delivered anywhere in Australia within 14 days (as of September 2022) . This is almost unheard of for any other building product in Australia at the moment.

Smartkits Low Style Ground Deck Kits

Click HERE to see our range of ground level deck frame kits

These deck kits / modular floor systems, come pre-cut and ready to assemble according to straight forward installation guides that support the works being carried out. A full series of detailed engineering drawings are also supplied for the deck kits. These modular style decking and floor systems provide great flexibility and fit for purpose application in almost any situation.

Solving height issues is a decks main advantage, especially when we consider houses built 1 – 2 metres above ground level. The significant advantage that SmartKits steel frame deck kits have over other suppliers such as Bunnings is that a  Bunnings offered custom made steel frame kit with bearers and joists cut to the desired length is not suitable for any heights over 1000mm. Essentially it’s a landscaping floor system and not an actual structural floor suitable for height or significant loads. The thin walls of the galavaspan steel is also very weak and as it’s a C shaped beam is a perfect place for nesting animals and bugs / insects to make a home in.

SmartKits decks are 100% made from Steel supplied from Bluescope steel and come in a wide variety of colours. 6 genuine COLORBOND options at the moment. The BOX BEAM is also fully sealed. Its impossible to compromise internally when the deck is built.

Smartkits High Level Deck Frames

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Many clients are moving towards using composite decking these days as well. Such as Ecodeck, Modwood or TREX decking. The SmartKits deck is the perfect structural floor system for the use of screw fixed decking options such as composite timbers to be pierce fixed directly to the floor joist or bearers. The fact that SmartKits decks have a joist and bearer system that intersects into each other as opposed to sitting on top of means the depth of the floor is greatly reduced.

When comparing floor systems and potential deck and roof combinations for your home SmartKits fully pre-fabricated deck floor systems are the correct solution to make the project as simple as possible. Deck building does not have to be complicated – it requires some skill that’s for sure so when choosing your supplier choose 100% Australian made, pre-fabricated, fast delivery (usually within 14 days) and engineered for purpose.

SmartKits floor and decking systems come with the very best supporting documentation and installation guides to take your DIY deck project to the next level.

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