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9 Watt- LED Downlight kits for Insulated Panels.

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Custom made 9W LED Down-light kits for Insulated Roof Panels. These lights are the perfect solution for D.I.Y projects as they have an external driver and 12 metres of low voltage cable in the kit, so you can install them into the Insulated Panels yourself while installing your SMARTKIT Roofing system. 

These lights are building code compliant and certified for this roof product.  

Offered in 3 different light settings that are easily adjustable on the light,they come with a 20,000 hour warranty!

Supplied with 12m of low voltage cable per light, allowing you to run the wiring straight through the services duct in the Insulated Panel without using any conduit or Insulation tape! 

These lights are straight forward to install and come with a complete product and installation guide

Included in light kit.

  • 9 watt LED with 3 light settings 
  • 12 metres of low voltage cable with plugs for easy install
  • External driver unit - often fitted into house roof cavity 
  • 240 volt plug and plate for attachment in house roof - Complete Kit!
  • Step by Step installation guide 
  • 20,000 hour warranty. 

A Qualified Electrician MUST do the main connection to your house power.