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Ground level deck frame- 8m x 5m

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Australia's best-looking and SMARTEST DECK FLOOR system delivered straight to your door! 

Supplied in Genuine BLUESCOPE STEEL for peace of mind.

From show-stopping Outdoor dining areas to relaxing Verandas that blend seamlessly with your home’s existing design, our range of DECKS and ROOFS will truly maximise your home’s potential! SMARTKITS is the answer for a one stop Deck and Roof extension! 

The features of these Genuine BLUESCOPE STEEL, 100% Australian Made, D.I.Y. DECK FRAME Kit includes- 

  • Freestanding design to comply with the latest Building Codes of Australia. 
  • 75x75 mm Steel Posts. (Optional COLOURED). All posts must go into footings. 
  • Joists and Bearers made with Steel Beams. ZINCALUME Bearers and Joists are in this shown price. (Optional COLOURED). 
  • Height of up to 1m from the ground. Higher options available in our High Set Range.

  • Perfect for your choice of decking boards in timber or composite or tiles. 

Wind rating- N2(W33) (We can change this from N3 to N4 and C1 to C4 as required at extra costs).

          Click here to view floor plan. 

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                                                           General FAQs-

1- We offer a wide range of customisation in these kits- timber posts (client supplied; please let the design consultant know when they contact you), custom shapes, and sizes etc. 

2- All our kits are Completely Engineered and Council Compliant. All documents, drawings and paperwork included. 

Have questions, need changes, need customisation or want help? Please feel free to contact us! 

Phone- 1800-827-889