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SmartKits- Detailed Elevation Drawings for Building Approvals.

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Some Building Approvals/Councils/Surveyors require very site specific elevation or side view drawings of the proposed structures. In these instances, hand drawn site plans will not suffice. 

We provide a basic elevation as standard with every SmartKits purchase, however, some councils, certifiers and surveyors will require an elevation that represents the new structure shown in detail on your house- including details such as lot size, layout etc.

We have absolutely no control over which project or council is likely to ask for this, these rules vary from job to job, council to council and sometimes, even from one accessor to the other within the same council. 

We will provide 3 sided elevation drawings showing heights, existing house and setbacks.

Elevated Drawings are sent as a PDF via email. Additional revisions are done at no extra cost. Please allow 1 week for turnaround once the order is placed.

** If elevation drawings for multiple structures (such as a deck floor and patio) are required, please purchase 1 elevation package per structure. **